I am always excited when I receive a call from one of GPI's CEO's stating they have won their first contract award. It's the same feeling of excitement I had when I received my first million dollar contract and while working at SBA helping small businesses when contracts. I understand when that small business begins to win contracts and multiple contracts, there future and the future of their childrens lives will be changed. For those who really prepare and do the work, you too can be one of the winners.  Remember last fiscal year, the Federal Government Awarded 105 Billion in contracts to small business.  You too can become a winner by taking part in GPI's Federal Procurement Training Program.

So today, I honor our GPI CEO's who have applied the GPI procurement process and have won multiple contracts in the last month.  Congratulations to Eric Dabney, CEO, Eternity Solutons, LLC, (2) Contracts awards with DOD, Gavin Ireland,  CEO, Georgia Green Energy Services, Inc. (2) Contracts with the Board of Governors, Eric Herkley, CEO, Total Management Group, LLC, (1) Contract with DOD, Connie Watson, CEO, ADP, LLC, (1) Contract with DOD, Annetta Heyliger, CEO, Dynamic Allied Solutions, LLC, (1) Contract DOD, Annemarie duLebohn, CEO, Tri Management Services, LLC, (1) Contract DOD, Whitney Rich, CEO, Success Resources Sells, LLC, (1) National Forest Park Services.